Life teach us so much ,
But we are not concentrate on life,
Life teach us how to stable in every situation ,
But we pick only good days and when bad day starts we blame on life,
Think positive be practical and mentally strong,

Story of Engineer

To be a Engineer it was proud feeling ,
in ancient time if somebody ask address of engineer there will be only one or two house ,
But today generation if you will ask for any engineer address brother there will be lots of Engineer ,
Go and Shout Engineer there will lots of engineer will give repose back,
In India most talented people are there somebody get chance to show talent and somebody talent not going success,
To wright on Engineer many things are there to right ..
It was not end if you like my story then reply by comment so i will right more interesting and truth of Engineer ,

some word for Engineer ,

if any body asking what is your dream then our answer is Engineer ,
A engineer who is great power when after completing engineer who can face every situation and if not getting job a engineer will be change the site and do other job but it will not waste of time .
Because he knows the life is also Engineer .